Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Eagle Court of honor

hey everybody!! just had pictures (well a pic) and a topic to make a blog so i went with it. Over thanksgiving Harrison Douglass and I had our combined Eagle Scout Court of Honor. It was just to make it all official and it was cool - especially because ever since i saw some of the kids in my quorum (yeah all those guys!) get their eagle i loved how awesome and complete their uniform looked. that embroidered eagle just looks soo classy. but of course that wasn't the main motivation.

it wasn't the what it would be normally for me, i felt the sense of accomplishment/happiness/of a job well done when i got back the form that said that i'd passed the board and was qualified to be an Eagle Scout. that really was something special. over and out cheat commandos!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


hey! i decided to finally update what i've been doing, so here are some pictures from preference, a girl ask guy dance here at BYU. we went shortly before Halloween to the Heber Creeper (a train) to the famous TV couples theme dance. Maddie Mills, my date, dressed up as April O'neil and I as Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. man that was soooooooo coool! overall it was a pretty good dance.
This is a picture of the original Casey Jones, so you know...
inside of the Heber Creeper
April and Casey... OH yeah!
Leaning out of the train as if i was jumping on to slapstick some justice!
"you wanna be first, Junior?"