Sunday, December 9, 2007

BYU "Freeze Fest"

hey, just had some news i guess, and i always feel obligated (in a good way) to post stuff.

this one is also to say to mom yes... i am going on dates...

Jordan and I went with these two girls from our ward - Nikki Madsen (brown hair w/ me) and Channing hoybjerg (wavy blonde w/ JT) - to the BYU "freeze fest" which was when they rented out the Peaks ice arena for us to skate and other stuff. it was really fun. though Jordan hates ice skating with a passion because he is really no good and no guy likes the embarrassment. especially in front of girls... but i had fun, especially because it was the first time i'd been on ice since i started getting into hockey... here are some pictures for you guys. as you might be able to tell - they're really fun/funny girls.

We thought it would be 'cute' if we did these little kid poses while we were sitting there

Different angle - my idea....

um.... well they liked to do this thing where someone takes a picture while we're moving our faces and stuff and see what it looks like the instant the picture is taken. Jordan and Nikki just look funny, but i look like i'm either sneezing, or hurling... maybe both...

you all take it easy!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

BYU Hockey


i just went to a BYU vs USU hockey game - at least the end part of it. it was 1-1 and then i saw BYU score two in the third i think (though the scoreboard said 2nd). one was a little lucky, a shovel back and the goalie trying to cover the left side kicked it back in. also some really good hits, at least three were pretty sweet. no fights (kindof one - just a little pushing). though i did see a stick get broken. oh and the second goal BYU scored when i was there was way cool. our guy got it and started skating laterally between the two faceoff circles and rifled it to the top left corner. also the USU goalie had some good saves. but i was only able to watch a little while because i didn't have cash, so i eventually got kicked out. :( but oh well it was wayyyyy sweet. i'm definitely going to as many as i can. the most enjoyable byu sport game i've been to.... wish i had a pic for ya.

oh and Jordan and I did the Karate ninja kung fu fighting skit again for our ward variety show. we won an award and it was awesome. oh and we helped out kill time by telling a few jokes...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Eagle Court of honor

hey everybody!! just had pictures (well a pic) and a topic to make a blog so i went with it. Over thanksgiving Harrison Douglass and I had our combined Eagle Scout Court of Honor. It was just to make it all official and it was cool - especially because ever since i saw some of the kids in my quorum (yeah all those guys!) get their eagle i loved how awesome and complete their uniform looked. that embroidered eagle just looks soo classy. but of course that wasn't the main motivation.

it wasn't the what it would be normally for me, i felt the sense of accomplishment/happiness/of a job well done when i got back the form that said that i'd passed the board and was qualified to be an Eagle Scout. that really was something special. over and out cheat commandos!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


hey! i decided to finally update what i've been doing, so here are some pictures from preference, a girl ask guy dance here at BYU. we went shortly before Halloween to the Heber Creeper (a train) to the famous TV couples theme dance. Maddie Mills, my date, dressed up as April O'neil and I as Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. man that was soooooooo coool! overall it was a pretty good dance.
This is a picture of the original Casey Jones, so you know...
inside of the Heber Creeper
April and Casey... OH yeah!
Leaning out of the train as if i was jumping on to slapstick some justice!
"you wanna be first, Junior?"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

All great men have Mustaches!

Here by popular demand, here are a couple pictures of Jordan with a stache oh and one of me w/ my fake one!

Friday, October 12, 2007

BYU soccer

The BYU men's soccer team played Real Salt Lake on Wednesday 10/10. It was pretty cool. I wasn't too impressed with RSL's reserve players. Of course they had a few starters playing too who are of course pretty good, but other than that i was slightly dissapointed.

we lost 0-2 , though i think we could have beat them if we had played well at all really. I didn't play keep, but it was really cool to be there. the field is awesome... and warming up with the other keepers my touch (on the ball) was really good.

This is Drew VW, solid defender on the BYU team. #22 Watson kinda stunk it up.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Gen Conf!

This is the actual conference center with the organ. oh and two random guys standing up. the guy in the leather jacket didn't sit down until it started

Dad and Me, i wasn't smiling because of the effort to take the picture with my camera. mmmm

below is Mom and Rachel. good pic of Rachel. bad pic of Mom - she didn't know i guess...

Oh and i also just went to general conference for the first time ever. that was pretty cool. here's a couple of pics i took before they told us not to. so therefore i have justification! as faulty as that is... hehe

The general stuff

I am currently attending BYU, and doing everything associated with that currently. except for getting married, that is excluded from my list of activities for now.

I'm loving playing on the BYU men's soccer practice team hoping to get past my rustiness and improve just a little bit more.

I'm pretty excited to see snow on the mountains especially considering Ben let me borrow his Rossingols for at least this season! it makes me happy every time i see them in the corner. ahhh

Um... Jordan is growing a moustache too, it looks pretty gross and i require him to talk in a Nacho Libre mexican accent whenever he has it.

My first ever blog

I've always liked the idea of having a page where people could go to see what is up with me, with like pictures and happenings. just a little piece of me on the intranet. so here she is for you everybody's enjoyment