Sunday, October 17, 2010

Alec's new adventures in Devonshire 15

So here are some random pictures that chronicle my new life as a BYU student staying in Devonshire 15:
just to show a little bit of the people and the apartment

I am Alec

This is Tanner Jones, my apart-mate

This is Bennett Forbes, Tanner's room-mate and my other apart-mate

This is not my room-mate, (don't worry mom) I don't have a new picture of Trammell Cox yet, 
but i'll post one later
This is Erin Griffey jokingly crossing our infamous Dev 15 "chastity line"

 In Devonshire 15, WE COOK LIKE MEN!
 (for those that are curious that is creamy corn and potato soup - Thanks Ben for the cookbook[s]!)

 Here are two parts of our apartment - we have a Colorado flag (the 3 others are from Denver)
and a garden statue saint to hold our keys and change

So now you have a taste of Dev 15!