Thursday, August 21, 2008

another kayak trip, hopefully you're not getting bored

Well here's some pics from the most recent trip on Tuesday

I'm in a Fluid Solo creekboat that i borrowed from work. Was nice, but i like mine better

The Fearless Puma Crew

The Crew coming through AMF

End of AMF, Jess has the goofiest happy look on her face (black suit)

The Crew after conquering the Main

Jessica and I before the trip

Ah yes, me towing the stupid flatwater boat that one of the guys decided to take even though he hadn't been boating for 10 years... a couple wet exits in a row with me having to save his gear and luckily he decided to stop and wait for us to finish

The fearless Crew, with Skipper Sam (oh and minus Jessica)

why yes i have a small head! (i totally look like sir Kay in the sword and the stone)

Look at me go

Monday, August 18, 2008

glad we caught the end of this...

ben trying to get us to guess "nude". glad we caught this moment.

never too much of Elliott

i guess he thinks frisbees shouldn't be used!

poor Elliott in monkey in the middle

more? yes

chasing the spaz dog

Elliott kicking with dad's help

Thursday, August 14, 2008


"stop that dad and pick me up!"

Old videos, but good videos

So i finally got all of the videos we had on our little videocamera onto the computer, and many of the videos are good enough, i think, for everyone. Most of them the focus is Elliott but that is ok. hopefully everything works because i've had to try three times before and stuff messes up.

I just had to barge in and almost ruin Elliott's cuteness display

Elliott and his adorable Grassophobia. I love how in his complaining he also takes time to smile once

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Guess what? i went kayaking

So pretty much the only thing that is worth noting, as always, is what i've been doing on the weekends which is pretty much just kayaking. not "just kayaking", KAYAKING!!! yay! but anyways, i'm just working 40 hours a week and doing Krav Maga after work for three of those days so i'm really not doing much extra exciting stuff.

First of all i tried to teach a couple people to roll in a kayak (in a pool) on friday, which was fun and gratifying when they were able to roll up on their own. but not consistently enough in my opinion so i'm not much of a teacher. though i did read up so i might be better now, but don't count on it.

The recent time i went kayaking (this recent saturday)was with the Kerr family and whoever they invited (a good amount of vehwigs (i used to be able to spell their name, probably wrong now) on rafts. i was with Brother Kerr and Garrett in kayaks and it was way fun because i finally let out and really tried to play around in the river (previously i had been to cautious to do anything other than go straight down) I was able to do a little surfing which actually felt AMAZING, so fun/cool. so i had a blast. i didn't get any pictures however, but i will post some from a previous trip that i haven't put on my blog yet. (which explains me still in a wetsuit and with my goggles i don't use anymore)

i actually don't like this picture

SAM DOUGLASS!!! and me

Someone seal launching (in a kayak) off of that large rock - you can see their yellow paddle above their large splash

A totally different trip than described/in the rest of the pictures. That's me Guiding a three-man raft with Adam and Aaron Purcell. it was way fun (like the 90's oakleys? i use them for kayaking too!)

a nice view down the "mighty main"

Friday, August 1, 2008