Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Alec's BYU '07 - '08 Recap

So, i took my last test today - BOM/Rel. 122, and got a 97 by the way - and decided it would be appropriate to post a little (heh) collage of the pictures and memories I've collected this year. Some of them you've probably seen already in previous posts, others haven't been, but either way, enjoy!

upside down pants party at like 3 am one morning

Jordan and I won in the ward talent show with our "karate" routine

Chris and me showing our south side of the hall pride

"freeze fest" date thing

an art exhibit in the HFAC

yes, that is actually me wearing my stache in class. the whole time too.


goofy/awesome decorations at the George Q. Cannon

This is us guys on the JFSB roof looking at Tanner pranking people by faking so shave their head

At the BYU football game

it really wasn't on purpose, i just caught the irony in time to take the picture

at the Canc. i impressed myself by picking up those horizontal fries like that

This is the first time i ever saw President Hinckley (the light blur) at a Tuesday devotional

The shirt Jordan won for sweeping the BBall court at halftime. it was easy by the way to fit them in it, it was wider than it was long.

Me in Chris's black suit from Japan. oh and Jordan of course

After true blue day at Helaman fields

just a late night...

Well that's it! i hope you laughed at least a little (at our expense)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunburn!! and sharp needles!!

Hey everyone,

well i got my mission immunizations on Thursday (at least the first bit of them - i've got to go back for some more with the hepatitis ones). for some reason had a sick day of hockey later that day with sore arms... had a hat trick in our little half-rink scrimmage, and i usually am not a scorer.

well then on Saturday Merrill hall had a "belly flop contest" and that is in quotes because only like 3 guys even did them. mostly just swimming/water bball and free food. but i was really smart and stayed out in the sun (wasn't too worried - it was only like 50 degrees outside) for like 2 hours when i am way white. needless to say i am and especially was earlier majorly burned. the picture does not do it justice, you can only kindof see some pink. if you saw me in person on like Sunday, my sunburn looked like one of those ancient Egyptian gold chest covering things, except in red. it was enough to make it hard to sleep sometimes. if you look at my neck you can kindof see the line where i got burned/didn't get burned.

just imagine that what i outlined in red is actually my bright red sunburn

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week of and weekend of Conference, and some old memories/pictures

well, this was a great week - it's crazy to think that next week is the last full week of classes for my BYU freshman year. It was a good week - played basketball a few times, as well as soccer. Hockey of course, which was way fun - trying to enjoy it while i can because it will be over for a while in a couple weeks! I'm gonna try and get some pictures too next week. I also went on a lunch date on Thursday. On Friday i went to the first part of my mission physical, glad to be getting it done.

Jordan opened his mission call on Wednesday - Hamburg, Germany. It's a big mission, and has a few large cities in it such as: Hamburg, Hannover, Dortmund, Essen (and most of that populated area - i.e. Hagen ), Bremen, Wolfsburg. so cool stuff.

And i remembered that i have some stuff i wanted to put on but forgot to on the first post. First off the German flag in the picture i surprised Jordan with on Thursday - it has the Eagle German crest as you can see, and that means it is the government's flag. it is actually a fine for anyone else in Germany to have this one - hehe. Also i wanted to post a couple pictures i got when talking to Ben and Elliott at Christmastime - just because i found them and they are awesome.

I especially like this one - looks like Elliott is trying to fly away with his jacket

Love you all and blog you next weekend!