Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lake Tahoe Road Trip!

Well, This last 3 day weekend (from Martin Luther King Jr. day) I went on a road to Tahoe with Harrison Douglass, Sarah Whittier, and Kristen Milligan. Sarah had the hookups with the hotel (so that translates to "free"), and Kristen had hookups with Sugarbowl Ski resort (also "free"). It was a long drive (9 hours or so) but we had much dancing and music and fun that made it not seem too bad.

our trip begins with the two heroines of the story: Kristen and Sarah (Sarah's the one driving in the picture)

You probably also noticed our trip mascot, a little Russian (from Ukraine, however) nesting doll that we affectionately named "Katinka Ingabogovinanana" (if you haven't watched it it's from Zoolander)
and by the way she will be featured in many more of our pictures, so just look out for her (kindof like "where's waldo?"

And now for the heroes, quickly devouring circus animal cookie things.

When Saturday finally came around, we went to the north side of Tahoe to go ski Sugarbowl

Here is the fantastic view from the top of the highest lift in Sugarbowl. Both pictures i didn't move where i was standing, the one above is to the left and then the bottom picture i rotated right.

As you can tell, it was a gorgeous day!

Just Sarah, Harry, and I were able to ski. Kristen broke her leg not long ago, so she spent Saturday visiting friends that she knew when she lived in Truckee. Harry is in the green & brown, Sarah - white jacket, and I am the guy in the bright yellow helmet (not visible in this picture...)

Are you supposed to be looking for Katinka?

A good view of Donner Lake
it was really warm (like 45 or something like that) and so i had to take off my outer shell. Even then i was pretty warm 

yeah....we're cool, and we don't care who knows

Katinka decided to hit the slopes with us, she's pretty intense like that

This is a pretty picture as well as shows you the condition of the snow. It was pretty wet (a fact that was helped by the warm weather) but it had rained earlier that week and then froze, so it had a thin layer of ice in parts, which you can see the light reflecting off it here

Me just chilling on the chairlift...

The ski bums. (a cool fact, it's neat to see my hand holding the camera in my goggles, and then see me holding the camera in Harry's goggles. If Sarah had reflective goggles it would be even cooler...

yep, can't have a trip without a picture where it looks like something is growing out of your head. (also this is the only one with me and the sign. the kid we asked to take the picture only got us, he cut off the sign out of the picture... thanks man)

Sunday after church we went to a park alongside Lake Tahoe, both to make ourselves lunch, and enjoy the beauties of the Lake. It was interesting being on a beach of snow

With such a beautiful dock scene, I had to get one of my silhouette staring off into the lake

Harrison. Looking pretty Jim - as usual

Here's the entire crew - it was a pretty fun trip

but as in all road trip weekends, this one had to end. So we'll send you off with a picture of Katinka and the sunset of our trip to Tahoe

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