Sunday, July 24, 2011

Its been a while... Should I blog differently?

Well it has been a long time since I have posted. It's tough because if i post pictures (which is usually the reason I make a post) I find it a hassle to put them up both on my Facebook and this blog. I'll post one photo because I didn't put it on my Facebook.

This was when I was just at my family reunion in Washington, and went for a quick solo Canoe trip, so I thought i would document it (gotta love how handy cell phones have become).

So but this all begs a question that I want to ask all of you - should I keep going on how I've been blogging, or should I change my blog to less of a "this is what I've been doing" and more to a place that I can write up my opinions on various topics, post things I find funny, or the such. I would probably post things that I write on here (I've started to try to write fiction in my little free time). I realize that we hear enough opinions (especially from me if I start talking, hehe) so you might not want that.

Here's a quick example - I was shown this funny ad:
Apparently this is a very manly pontoon boat, as described voluminously by the seller.

So please let me know what you think! To blog the same? or to blog differently? Thanks!


Ben said...

It all depends on you. Define goals, objectives, audience, and all that. That may help you decide.

kylie said...

Yayayay I found your blog! As far as what the content of your blog should be, I have only one phrase of advice: follow your heart. Meaning that you should write whatever you want to, whether it be daily life, opinions, fiction, or something else. I'm excited to be reading your blog! :)

Shay said...

Hey! I think you should do a little bit of everything. That is what is so great about is YOUR blog. It would be great to get updates on what you are doing, but also to hear your view on things as well!