Saturday, December 1, 2007

BYU Hockey


i just went to a BYU vs USU hockey game - at least the end part of it. it was 1-1 and then i saw BYU score two in the third i think (though the scoreboard said 2nd). one was a little lucky, a shovel back and the goalie trying to cover the left side kicked it back in. also some really good hits, at least three were pretty sweet. no fights (kindof one - just a little pushing). though i did see a stick get broken. oh and the second goal BYU scored when i was there was way cool. our guy got it and started skating laterally between the two faceoff circles and rifled it to the top left corner. also the USU goalie had some good saves. but i was only able to watch a little while because i didn't have cash, so i eventually got kicked out. :( but oh well it was wayyyyy sweet. i'm definitely going to as many as i can. the most enjoyable byu sport game i've been to.... wish i had a pic for ya.

oh and Jordan and I did the Karate ninja kung fu fighting skit again for our ward variety show. we won an award and it was awesome. oh and we helped out kill time by telling a few jokes...

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