Sunday, December 9, 2007

BYU "Freeze Fest"

hey, just had some news i guess, and i always feel obligated (in a good way) to post stuff.

this one is also to say to mom yes... i am going on dates...

Jordan and I went with these two girls from our ward - Nikki Madsen (brown hair w/ me) and Channing hoybjerg (wavy blonde w/ JT) - to the BYU "freeze fest" which was when they rented out the Peaks ice arena for us to skate and other stuff. it was really fun. though Jordan hates ice skating with a passion because he is really no good and no guy likes the embarrassment. especially in front of girls... but i had fun, especially because it was the first time i'd been on ice since i started getting into hockey... here are some pictures for you guys. as you might be able to tell - they're really fun/funny girls.

We thought it would be 'cute' if we did these little kid poses while we were sitting there

Different angle - my idea....

um.... well they liked to do this thing where someone takes a picture while we're moving our faces and stuff and see what it looks like the instant the picture is taken. Jordan and Nikki just look funny, but i look like i'm either sneezing, or hurling... maybe both...

you all take it easy!

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