Friday, February 29, 2008

Jazz vs. Pistons

hey everyone,

i was going to do this with my weekly weekend one, but after Ben's prompting to put up pictures i decided to do it now. I'd never been to a premier level pro sports game (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, etc...) so i decided that i'd go to a Utah Jazz game because i was so close (relatively). So I planned it out ahead with Jordan. We both wanted to see the Detroit Pistons because we both really like the team. So this Wednesday, i went with three other guys (Jordan ironically couldn't go) to the game. We had "nosebleed" seats, pretty close to as far away as you can get, but they were only $13.50, so i was totally fine with that. It was pretty awesome - Detroit was destroying Utah for the whole first half, just totally rocking them. Utah came back, with the help of like 3 three's in a row from Mehmet Okur, to win the game with the biggest lead they had the whole game (one of the only leads...). it was pretty awesome and entertaining. The main thing was that i was really impressed with Chauncy Billups (he was the best on the floor, no doubt), Richard Hamilton, and Deron Williams. It was pretty cool to see the guys i've always heard about and seen on TV. Especially Rasheed Wallace, because I've grown up knowing who he was. the first video is just showing our seats and the guys (the kid next to me and the two right behind us). The second was the first of Okur's 3 three's that i just caught on camera. the rest are random pictures i took. none of them are of us, but who's more exciting; us, or a NBA baskeball game... thought so.


Ben said...

It's nice to see some reaction to my comment.

But let me get this straight: you like the Pistons? Alec, Alec, Alec...the next thing you know, you'll be rooting for the Cowboys.

Alec Hoopes said...

well i like the players, but i definitely am a Trailblazer.