Saturday, February 2, 2008

My introduction to both live Shakespeare and BYU stage

On Friday, February 1st i went to BYU's production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", mainly because i need to for my Humanities class, but i was also interested and had heard only good things about this production.

I was luckily able to go even though Jordan gave away the ticket he had gotten for me... this is because one guy on my floor had 3 extra tickets and i volunteered to use them up as soon as i found out (like 15 min before the show).

The play was done slightly artistically, (though Midsummer definitely needs some of that when dealing with at least the fairy world part) with only eight pillar/arch type things that were placed/slid to certain ways to mimic either the forest, majestic building, or simple one. (oh and some wavy horizontal beams to close in/ create a ceiling). also the garb of the "athenians" were neither truly athenian or shakespearian, more of just formal (though with a old look - coattails, vests, suspenders etc...)

anyways on to what i thought of it. I REALLY enjoyed it, it was awesome. everyone else i talked to and the people i went with all agreed as well. A very well done play for an already well-written play ( i like the story and comedies in general). it was sentimental to hilarity in the right parts, yet just right sometimes as well. also some modern humor (like a kitty-like growl by the lion in the pyramus and thisbee play) along with the Shakespeare. i really didn't expect this blog to be this long, but it makes some sense considering i really liked it.

um i guess i'll just try and do at least one post a weekend, seems to be the best idea -

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