Sunday, March 16, 2008

UM.. this week of business (well, busyness more like it)

Hey everyone, i don't think i have any pictures for this past week, sorry. It's hard when i don't have a camera and no one takes initiative to bring theirs...

Was a good start to the week though - such as launching water ballons at a couple totally making out or doing something on a picnic blanket just outside our dorms. bad idea - going at it right behind freshman dorms. dorms. so yeah that was great.

Hockey was only one day this week and it was eh... but still fun. oh i went to the BYU baseball game and that was way fun. the game went down to the 9th inning, where the UVU coach got thrown out and our pitcher struck out their big hitter with the bases loaded (when we were up by one run).

Took three tests over the week - Humanities, Survey of World Religions, and Book of Mormon, all of them midterms. I also had three assignments due over the course of the week. so yeah it was pretty busy... other than the few breaks for fun activities (baseball game for example)

Watched a movie on Thursday night with a bunch of people. edited version of The Shawshank Redemption - i liked it alot, i really did - but watch it edited for sure.

Oh and on Friday night i played capture the flag with lots of people in my ward. It was way fun - especially because i captured the last flag in a very sweet fashion. snuck around in some bushes and looked for the flag while hidden. saw it like 2 feet in front of me, was able to snatch it without them knowing, stowed it away in my pant leg, and they didn't even know i had it or it was gone until i pulled it out on my side. ohohoho i felt so cool, even though it was just a capture the flag game.

Saturday was an exhausting day; started with our Intramural bball game. i did well, but we lost. i was still happy though because i haven't done well in our games in the past, but i broke that record with at least 6 points (solid for me - including two free throws) some rebounds, prolly like 6 as well, and i think like three steals if i can remember right... at least two i think - but that's totally just speculation right now. so even without a block i felt great about it. then after that, i played indoor calle soccer with jon for like 3 hours in which jon and i carried most of the playing burden (we were on a team of keepers and not-competitive soccer players), especially Jon. i felt bad because he had an intramural soccer game before playing in our bball game, and then calle where he ran much more than me. so yeah - it was fun too especially when we beat one of the "best" teams who was playing. hehe.

excited for this upcoming week - hope i can make it the best so far, and also have pictures for you guys next time...

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Ben said...

It looks like you're having fun. That's great.