Sunday, March 23, 2008

The week leading up to Easter - sports and a prank

Hey everybody,

this week started pretty normal - on Tuesday was hockey again and did better than i had been. Later that night had an indoor game with Jon, we won 2-1. I felt alot better about this game, though their goal i could have done better. Sounds more like a full-field soccer game than indoor (normally like 7 - 12). But i had alot of fun, and had two really good saves. i'll describe them to you because they felt great. the first was a full diving save from a guy that shot pretty far out - but it's old man indoor soccer and so the players move slow, but have hard shots. I reacted a little slow but was able to get across to my left side and deflected it with my left hand; as i fell i saw it hit the upper 90 and bounce back across the goal behind me to the right corner of the field. we were tied 1-1 at that point i think. then my other one was when the ball had bounced around close to my goal on the right side, and it ended up only like 7 feet away from me. I had a defender in front of me so i couldn't charge the player as he was winding up for the shot - so i just dove to the right behind my defender just before the guy shot and i blocked it with my right hand. To be honest it was probably one of the best saves i've ever made. we were up 2 - 1 at that point. so it was great to have a good game to help us win.

well enough bragging about stopping old men from scoring (big deal...), I played alot of pickup bball the rest of the week, as well as hockey on thursday which was goalie. i'm probably not going to play goalie anymore because i bruise/mess up my knees and they don't need any more beating than they get anyways. Friday was pretty cool - though i'll admit to everyone i didn't go to either of my two classes that day, slept in and decided to do other homework. it's ok though, they are the two ones that post the powerpoint or just talk about the same thing. watched alot of college basketball and later hung out with a girl i know at heritage.

Saturday was the happening day - had our first intramural bball tourney game. we lost but it's ok because we really weren't that good and i had some good plays in the game. no blocks though :`(
I hung with Mom and Rachel because they were in town - that was fun. Then later that day after Jordan and I got back from the tumble gym, we found our room in complete disarray - as in they guys had switched our sides of the room, like our stuff. it was pretty weird and really funny. i wanted to go to bed as it was but Jordan said he couldn't stand it so we put it all back. but luckily the guys taped and took pictures for alot of it: you'll recognize Bennett and Tanner from a past blog, and the tall skinny guy is Doug, the one with gelled black hair is Trammell, and the other guy with black hair is Chris. enjoy looking at our room getting turned upside down:

Chris and Trammell enjoying a moment

My posters and guitar on Jordan's side of the room.

Here is the beginning of the whole thing - introduced by Trammell

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