Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Alec's BYU '07 - '08 Recap

So, i took my last test today - BOM/Rel. 122, and got a 97 by the way - and decided it would be appropriate to post a little (heh) collage of the pictures and memories I've collected this year. Some of them you've probably seen already in previous posts, others haven't been, but either way, enjoy!

upside down pants party at like 3 am one morning

Jordan and I won in the ward talent show with our "karate" routine

Chris and me showing our south side of the hall pride

"freeze fest" date thing

an art exhibit in the HFAC

yes, that is actually me wearing my stache in class. the whole time too.


goofy/awesome decorations at the George Q. Cannon

This is us guys on the JFSB roof looking at Tanner pranking people by faking so shave their head

At the BYU football game

it really wasn't on purpose, i just caught the irony in time to take the picture

at the Canc. i impressed myself by picking up those horizontal fries like that

This is the first time i ever saw President Hinckley (the light blur) at a Tuesday devotional

The shirt Jordan won for sweeping the BBall court at halftime. it was easy by the way to fit them in it, it was wider than it was long.

Me in Chris's black suit from Japan. oh and Jordan of course

After true blue day at Helaman fields

just a late night...

Well that's it! i hope you laughed at least a little (at our expense)


Karene said...

wait...what is the black Japan suit for? Do they actually wear those over there? I am confused...

Ben said...

I am glad that we finally have proof that you went to at least one class.