Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunburn!! and sharp needles!!

Hey everyone,

well i got my mission immunizations on Thursday (at least the first bit of them - i've got to go back for some more with the hepatitis ones). for some reason had a sick day of hockey later that day with sore arms... had a hat trick in our little half-rink scrimmage, and i usually am not a scorer.

well then on Saturday Merrill hall had a "belly flop contest" and that is in quotes because only like 3 guys even did them. mostly just swimming/water bball and free food. but i was really smart and stayed out in the sun (wasn't too worried - it was only like 50 degrees outside) for like 2 hours when i am way white. needless to say i am and especially was earlier majorly burned. the picture does not do it justice, you can only kindof see some pink. if you saw me in person on like Sunday, my sunburn looked like one of those ancient Egyptian gold chest covering things, except in red. it was enough to make it hard to sleep sometimes. if you look at my neck you can kindof see the line where i got burned/didn't get burned.

just imagine that what i outlined in red is actually my bright red sunburn

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Karene said...

sorry dude, I have a slight burn now too, nothing like yours though.