Thursday, June 26, 2008

Up to now

well it's been a bit and the reason is because it's hard for me to get pictures. I don't have a lot but i'll tell you what i'm up to anyways. I've been trying to go kayaking alot, and i'm definitely getting better and loving every trip.

i'm the one in the distance by the water - oh yeah

So I also finally got a summer job - i'm working in the office for Cascade Raft & Kayak, it's only part time and i'm barely ever really up there but at least it's something for now. I've now gone on like all of their rafting trips and had a free kayak lesson. Cool stuff

Though because it isn't too much of a job i'm still trying to get another one - could possibly end up working for a kayak shop but we'll see, had the interview just waiting for yes or no. If not i think i'm just gonna try and get really good at kayaking so i can be a safety kayaker for Cascade. It would be fun, and a real job that i'd go up to regularly.

Oh and also i went on a pretty cool date last weekend - i went with Candice (candi) Burr and Harry went with Jessica. We had a sweet picnic dinner and then rode our bikes (on the greenbelt) to the botanical garden by the old penetentiary. It was pretty cool - a band playing and lots of cool plants. We took lots of pictures but no one has shared them yet (makes me a little mad) so i'll just post the only one i have:

Candi took this one of me - i think Harry is in the background

As soon as i get the pics i'll put them up - peace everyone

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