Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yes i do work

So last week i did some construction/home renovation work for Mark Van Wagenen (Kurt, Sarah, and Leah's dad if any of you know them) at a home in the Boise Bench they bought. For the Whole week I was there from like 8:30 until 5:00-6:45. Tiring stuff but $10/hr made sure there was no complaining. Harry and Jordan joined me the second day (Tuesday...duh...) and then the rest of the week. we did a lot of demolition and outside landscaping/picking up all of the roofing from the old roof. One annoying job was trying to take up two layers of linoleum out of the kitchen - especially when the first layer (at the bottom) looked like it was made in the 50's and used like tar to put it down on the wood floor... couldn't even get it all up. Probably the funnest parts were when i tore down the basement drywall (kindof like drywall) with a crowbar, used the edger/weed whacker (just like to use it), and then helped Harry framing - because i felt legit. Good hard work though

Me just posing in the basement (remind you of Freeman, Ben?)
yes i tore town that blue wall you see missing behind me

Me posing with the huge piece of wall that i got off in one piece (to my left)

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Ben said...

Yes, I do see a resemblance to Gordon Freeman.

Have fun.