Thursday, July 31, 2008

Part of my Girls Camp experience...

So i lived the dream of Matt Burningham and was able to go up to girls camp, albeit for only part of a day but still. I just kayaked alongside their rafts and then helped with their faithwalk. I'll post up the pics of the raft trip - it was really stormy the day before and so there were some mudslides on the south fork that fed into the main, so as you'll probably notice the water looks like chocolate milk. (wouldn't drink it though) it made it a little hard to tell what was what or if what was there. and by that i mean if there was a hole, wave, or rock it was hard to tell sometimes. No whitewater, just brown. still fun though!

AMF coming up - Rachel's raft just behind me (i tended to stick with them)

Little off balance

WAY off balance (and a bad brace stroke)

letting the Nesquik rabbit out at the end

Rachel's raft at Chief Parrish

Just before Mixmaster pretending i know enough to tell the boat what to do

(insert pump up rock music *here*)

i'm smiling because i'm kayaking, even if it is in choco milk

me and Rachel's raft - i'm sure you can pick out here huge hair

MMMM!!! Nesquik! or Ovaltine!!!

Where's Waldo? i'm in there somewhere

Rachel's raft at GLOYF

Other than that i've just been working for Inland Surf Company, getting ready for the mish, and just now started some self-defense classes - Krav Maga if you were wondering

Gloyf Video, nice of Caitlyn to miss me as i go darting past the camera

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