Thursday, July 31, 2008

Steve Fischer's Black Book

I decided to be like Karene and tell everyone what i like (i think it's because you're in advertising that you do that so much) . At my work we have been continually looping a DVD that we got called Steve Fischer's Black Book, and so i've seen every second of it, but never in one sitting (or standing or walking, hehe). Steve Fischer is a South African kayaker, and nowadays recognized as one of the best (arguably the best, and which many people would argue for that case) kayakers of all time. It's a pretty funny and well-made movie, and really shows you what the ultimate is in kayaking, and it really can take your breath away in parts. If i inspired you to somehow watch it i will say that there is one rap song on it that swears a few times but other than that they did an amazing job with the music. i'll post a little piece of it i think.

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