Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The MTC was Great!

well as mom said this week definitely has gone by fast, i can easily remember the days when i first got here and the days went by slower than molasses in winter (haha mom loves to say that).

That is really exciting for Geoff, I'm glad to hear he'll be serving. tell you what i feel so much closer to a man but i definitely know i still have so much to learn. i do know by the end of my mission i will have grown so much spiritually and in every other way. which reminds me: Mom, i am getting fed PLENTY well here, i appreciate the love but i really didn't need those food care packages - we anyways got a box full of care package foodstuffs from the missionaries who left last week... whew. but i do appreciate the letters and love from everyone (except rachel who apparently doesn't love me - no wonder i almost didn't give her a hug before i left.) (jk...but only if she writes me). and i will still like the care packages when i get to Mesa i am sure of it. i got other package today, thanks mom. oh yeah back to "growing"

so before the MTC i was in the 158-165 lbs range (fluctuating weekly) and last week when i weighed myself i weighed 175 lbs so i guess 10 lbs? probably more this week, but i don't really look different. I don't i don't look any different. i've felt slow but that's probably because of a small sinus infection this week, luckily i'm on the tail end of it i think. probably be totally fine by tuesday.

i forgot to put them in the prayer roll but i bet you did for the boise temple. which reminds me, i once again went to the temple, and it is the best of course. i'm definitely looking forward to the AZ temples, it would rock if i went to both the Mesa AND the Snowflake ones.

glad to hear Rachel is doing well (indirectly from mom...) take good care of the Pathfinder/Unit-C. (it can be officially called that now because it's "yours" - note the quotation marks - for a while).

Hope Caitlyn is doing well - keep having fun but also remember the important things in life. I know i am SOOOO glad i read and studied the PMG and scriptures before i came here. it was easy to start teaching and focus on getting even better instead of getting better than no good at all. which reminds me: Everyone who reads this i commit (ha my teacher would be proud) you all to read your scriptures every day, at least every night and if you can (try hard) in the morning too. i can promise you from experience that it will make your life infinitely better and happier and what else could you ask for? NOTHING, thats right now read your scriptures.

i learned in mission prep that i actually was NO GOOD at teaching the gospel. i tried in the role plays and frankly i probably made someone go inactive (i'm kidding but i really sensed my inadequacy). i'm glad i learned that then too, so i didn't have to here. The spirit is SOOO much a better teacher, i can truly testify of that with all of my heart. If you're ever teaching without the spirit you should stop and say a prayer or something because without the spirit you are useless. well that's a little harsh: you're mostly useless.. hehe... mostly dead... anyways.

[in reply to dad's letter]
i bet it is busy there, and there isn't a jesse knight hall in the MTC so either they renamed it or you're talking about the JKH at BYU. mine is the addison Pratt hall (could you look up in George Cannon's mission thing and find out if he was a companion or fellow missionary? it said he went to hawaii as one of the first). ha i bet the chasm was a little much for 9th graders at 6 in the morning. oh well. Love you dad

and love you everyone who gets my letters or email - believe me i really do because the spirit allows people to love someone even if they don't even know them. i already love the people in Mesa, ask me how that's possible when i haven't even been there? The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, and that is my testimony.

Elder Hoopes

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