Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week of October 27, 2008

Hello everyone!

sorry this is on tuesday - the reason is is because yesterday was a Zone development meeting where we all got our interviews with president Bassett and so Prep day was pushed to today (also because the temple isn't open on monday). so to answer your question, mom; yes i have gone to the Mesa temple! i did so at the 5:30 am session this morning (man was that early). it was great to go to the temple again - and I like that temple a lot. i would be very pleased with it if i lived here - but i probably won't so boise is still good!

that is nice of the frosts - they are really a great family: Salt of the earth. that could describe alot of the families in the 5th ward. and i can say that about most of my friends - especially The Quorum. (notice in caps, hehe)

i saw in the pictures how much our house seems to have changed. it will be very "wheird" (weird) to come home and have it that different. and funny you mention that Jon married above himself ( i agree - no offense jon [you did too dad]) but it just brings to mind the Oscar wilde quote from the Ideal husband:
"you don't deserve her" sighs the father
"well, father, if every man married the woman he deserved, they would have a very bad time of it"

so true,and hilarious (i think i did a pretty good quote job too)

sounds like some great questions, mom - i'd be interested in those too. we got a good one too from a guy: what does it really mean that the priesthood will "never again be taken off the earth until the sons of levi do offer up and offering unto righteousness"? i don't know! we'll see then i guess

that's great grandma ruth is visiting - i hope she's enjoying it and especially the temple. if you're reading this: love you Grandma, and thanks for being open to the missionaries! you've changed more lives than your own that is certain.

dang that grandpa bob! lucky duck gets to go off to see real football games in jerry ol' England. i bet he's loving it though.

well i'm here without my planner so i'm only going off memory as to what has happened this last week - oh and sorry no pictures. we came straight from excercising from 8:30 am to here so no camera nor cord.
what am i thinking: we had a baptism on saturday. This lady on the apartment street that we have so much work on (about 55% of our work). she's single and has 2 funny kids (elder Howell and I are the "church guys" ; "hey mom, the church guys are here!" as he answers the door - he's like 4 or 5) but anyways she has been feeling the spirit and happiness from the gospel and so she got baptized. it was great.

we also played basketball last night as a finding activity, because on the apt street is this black family of really cool and nice kids but they've been passively resistant about taking lessons (ok with getting and apparently reading the book of mormon but oh well). so we played basketball with some of them and also this guy who's wife is LDS and another guy who's wife just left him yesterday so we were trying to see if we could help him out. one of the black guys though is married to a daughter of the black family, and he says he straight from compton, CA and he is a pretty quick flashy moves guy. wears a do-rag. it was pretty fun and also good.

well i really hope i don't get transferred. transfers are this next tuesday and the one of the zone leaders who live with us is going home! yeah he's pretty trunky (not really, elder olsen is a great elder). but it seems our relationship as a companionship is really starting to go well, and by that i mean that we're understanding each other really well and teaching together better. i've started to get over my shyness that was keeping me back from street contacting. better late than never, but i should have had the little sitdown with heavenly father in my nightly prayer earlier. but it helped. ha - i mean it did it all, as in it started it all so that i could let heavenly father help me do what i needed to.

i love the "The Village" quote by the guy character about why he can be so brave: "i only think about what must be done, not about what might happen." which reminds me - i've been having the feelings that we as a family (and i mean the Hoopes family) are not as good (that's being a little kind) at missionary work. it's very simple things that we can all to do affect positively the lives of everyone around us, and if we're not doing that, then we're not following the example that the savior has set for us. don't feel like i'm being preachy or getting down on you for this or that, but we all NEED encouragement. do your best to help the missionaries - i know it's hard for dad because he's so busy, and mom is busy too and it's hard sometimes to involve the sisters. and rachel, i know how hard it is to talk to people in general let alone about something like the church. but it can be done i know you all can do your little parts. and you all will see what those are if you have faith. love you all, you are the best!

well i love you all and before i go i have a quick question for caitlyn: do you like scorpions? there are lots here i just want to know if you think they're cool. (and don't worry i wont send you one, and they're all not that big - only about as big as a normal zip USB drive.) well, i still have to write Ben and Jon/Nicole - so i love you all and talk to you next week!

Elder Hoopes

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