Monday, April 27, 2009

From Alec: April 20, 2009

How are you doing? I love to hear from you, all of the letters and emails are appreciated. Things are going well here - we have two baptism dates set up and easily one more, and of course hopefully a few more! And of course that doesn't mean everything.

Well, on Saturday night we were just heading to our ride's car to leave from a lesson, and our phone rang. I saw that it said "mission office" on it and I thought "Why would they call to give us a referral?" but I answered it with the customary greeting and the person on the other end said "Are you ready?" I asked, "To write something down?" and started fumbling with my planner. He replied "No not to write, but write it in your heart, ok?" At this moment I realized it was President Bassett's voice and he only calls on Saturday nights before transfers for a few reasons. He told me I would be training. Man I do not feel ready - I'm still trying to iron out a lot of things, I really don't feel ready to have a brand new missionary. Funny though, if you had asked me a couple transfers ago I would have said ok and felt ready. I guess it's only when we realize our weaknesses that Heavenly father can bless us. But I'll definitely need prayers and lots of divine intervention. I'll find out on Tuesday at about 2:30 or 3 who my new golden is. I wonder when I will ever have a companion for longer than a transfer... Elder Sexton is going up north to the reservation by Payson. It will be about Boise weather up there (it sounds like), so he lucked out in some ways!

We had a great lesson with D. on Saturday. We only had about 20 minutes before our next (rock solid) appointment, but we were able to watch the slideshow from the Reflections of Christ DVD that shows most of the photographs and has a great song in the background. The short 5 minute slideshow has the ability to bring the Spirit so effectively and powerfully. We've also been meaning to talk to D. about being an example to his wife by doing what he needs to do, just like Christ was an example for us. By the end, the Spirit was very strong, and you could tell that D. loved the slideshow. He wanted to keep the DVD actually so he could see the behind the scenes stuff on it (which is most of the DVD) and I have no doubt that he watched them. It is so amazing how much our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to follow his Son. He not only knows it will bring us happiness now, but also the greatest happiness which is eternal life. I love the words in the song that played during the slideshow - "Jesus sought me, when a stranger, wandering from the throne above. Here to rescue me from danger..." (of course the song is Come thou Fount) He will seek us, He will knock, even if we're a stranger, all alone. I pray that we all can bring others closer to Christ, because that will be, just as it was for John Witmer (D&C 15) and others mentioned, "the thing which will be of the most worth unto you".

Elder Hoopes

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