Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goblin Valley camping trip!

So Harry and Sarah and I went on a camping trip to Goblin Valley. It was pretty sweet. We first went to Wild Horse Canyon, and then to the famous Goblin Valley.Heres some pictures and videos to give you a taste of our experience

Intrepid packer Harrison

our trusty steed - the Tacoma

Nothing better eating breakfast in victory stance


posing trying to block out the ugly camper behind me

Here is looking back at the beginning of the Canyon hike - it was about an 8 mile loop

Me having fun just "a randin' around!"
this was a natural desire for everyone with all of the cool rock formations

this was one of the more narrow parts - this was a pretty neat part of the hike

we went to the right

When i put the camera on timer it fell over and it took the picture before i could set it back up and get back to the group, but i like this picture anyways!

Men climb rock

me testing to see if this hole in the rock wall was a good place to set it for a timer... but i like this shot too!

Sarah is just awe-inspired by Harrison's agility

The one thing deserts have that is pretty is how many different colors the rocks and dirt can be. here it may be hard to make out, but this rock shelf was very purple

Now this is our first look at Goblin Valley, peppered with lots of these odd rock formations and tons of people just "a randin' around!" (inside joke of the trip)

I decided to shimmy down a different way here

well, there it is! it was another very fun trip. I'm pretty sure we would all go to the same area again. see you next time!

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Karene said...

Look at all the rocks they put here for boys to play with!!!