Monday, May 9, 2011

Lasik eye surgery

So this last week i got Lasik eye surgery. It was pretty interesting. it only took a few minutes to do. the part where they actually laser'd my eye to adjust the "prescription" only took 15 seconds for each eye. That thursday i pretty much slept and listened to John Bytheway. Heres a picture of me and the goggles they gave me on the day of my surgery

Because my eyes are small and deep set, they had a hard time getting suction for a certain part of the surgery (i think to cut a flap of the cornea), they bruised my eyes and so i have (still) red spots around my eyes. It looks pretty freaky actually - like a zombie or a mad scientist. I am hoping to do a prank or two with them before they heal

If i do a scary face it is pretty frightening.
and i'll find out Thursday my actual eye quality. but i'm pretty sure i have at least 20/20. I can see better right now than i used to be able to with my contacts in.


Karene said...

Bro, do your eyes hurt at all?! I can't believe the red!!

what did everyone on your flight think?!

Shay said...

Hope your eyes are healing, it looks like they hurt!

Alec Hoopes said...

No they do not hurt the least bit. I forget sometimes that i look freaky as i go about my day.

It's just that my eyes are small and got bruised from the suctioning. I don't think anyone noticed - the guy sat in the aisle seat and i slept most the flight. hehe.