Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Semester

Hey everyone,

i usually don't put up anything unless i have pictures to go along with it, but that has meant that i haven't posted for a long time... So i'll just say how everything is going.

This semester is pretty cool, i'm taking Archaeology/Anthropology (intro to), Humanities 101, BOM 122, Survey of World Religions - prompted by Jon. Also Hepe 105, Soccer practice basically (7 am every morning OUCH). And then last but not least a Hockey Class.

my Archaeology and Humanities classes aren't super fun to go to, but i've really started to enjoy Humanities - especially when recently we (some of the guys in my hall also in the class) went to the Museum of Art at BYU and picked a piece of art. it was really fun and cool. If you want to know i did "No Place to Go" by Maynard Dixon. i would put an image of it up but i'd have to write for permission to the MOA so i'll just give you that link on the painting name.

Soccer practice hasn't started yet, just lifting whenever the guys want to, so i'm making sure to get exercise in. The Hockey class is the best - i am still not very good at hockey, but i'm getting better at everything slowly. like backwards skating and hockey stops as well as puckhandling and shooting. SO much fun...

I am still a Home Evening Group leader, but i have a new "family" including a new assistant, who ironically used to be Jordan's assistant (aka "wife"). So there are definitely jokes about the roommate stealing the "wife" and stuff like that.

also i was able to play HL2 Episode one FINALLY and am working on Episode 2. don't worry parents they are not long games and i don't play them all the time. i spend more time on Hockey and all my classes individually (with the exception of Hepe - but just because i've haven't focused on it yet) than the games. but they rock still...

So this semester is definitely going well so far!

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