Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Week of 11/3/2008

hey sorry this will be a short message - i wrote a huge one and then the time was up right as i clicked send - so i'm using another missionaries' time (he does have an extra library card).

transfers are tomorrow and my trainer, elder Howell is getting transferred out to be a zone leader in a different zone. i'm getting a tongan elder named Elder Pongi. i don't know how i'll be the one who knows the area but i hope everything goes well. it seems the lord always finds ways to stretch us. i think i'd rather be a district leader because i've been a church leader in the Aaronic priesthood and stuff like that. i just feel so inadequate for the people here and investigators. struggling a little with th fact that i'm here trying to help these certain people. but i'll be ok - with time everything will work out i've found out. i might doubt about something for a little while but my little lamp of faith will see me through every time. i do know that. (that lamp is faith in Jesus Christ and heavenly father). i guess that can apply to everyone in any type of hard time. it may sound like the typical "judean-christian" solution, as a very prideful man we talked to (thought he knew everything and was thus on a "higher level" than us, but you could easily tell he was miserable and still incomplete even with all of his study and intellect) would have said, but it is SO true. the faith that Jesus Christ suffered everything that we have and so therefore can help us through every rapid of life we come up against will lead us through things we didn't know were possible to overcome. that childlike faith that let Enos know the truth. also that let alma the younger completely change, and also to help Job get through his path through afflictions.

i hope caitlyn is ok - i had an over the handlebar experience when i was younger. i was fortunate enough to land on the top of my head and so the helmet helped me out.

i sent a picture CD recently - i hope it gets to you soon, sister burningham sent me a card telling me i should do it, and so i felt i probably should ;)

love you all, read your scriptures and have meaningful prayers. also go outside of your comfort zone, because that's where nothing gets done

Elder Hoopes

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