Tuesday, December 9, 2008

From Alec, Re: Housefire

that is an amazing miracle,

the lord definitley is mindful of us - i think the last two verses in alma 37 are great about talking about that. if that is a bogus reference, just look up "mindful" in the TG and look for alma-ish. it's great

yes i remember that 4th of july story! i had quite a bit of adrenaline going when i was putting it out! yeah i've actually been thinking - i'll probably do some volunteer fireman work when i get home - and by the sounds of it i think i got some good genes from dad!

well i love you all and the church is so true. i had a wonderful experience at the christmas lights yesterday. i talked to everyone and it was amazing, the lord lifts us up when we're on his errand. and we should always be on it! i'd also like to stress a couple things i've thought about recently - our relationships with people are so eternal and of great worth. and that is why it is so important to always try and be christlike and improve ourselves and our relationships. that's why there's a section in the lesson 1 of PMG about families (and we're all a family!). but also it's important to remember that you can always talk and have fun with someone and have a good relationship that way - but if you never edify (spiritually) each other, how are you helping each other one bit? the funny thing about that too is that with edifying, relationships grow beyond something that can be attained with just idle talk and laughter. well i love you all, and i hope you have an amazing week!!!!

Elder Hoopes

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