Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To: Alec, From Dad 12/1/08

Dear Alec,

Oops - sorry about last week. As you can imagine, the time is screaming by for all of us. Before I was a bishop it seemed like the days moved slowly but the weeks and months sped by - now the days speed by too. That may just be an "old-guy" thing too, I suppose.

I'm glad that you are working hard. That is the only way to spend a mission happily. The Spirit may be more intolerant when we are on missions, but I recall even a bit of slacking made me feel badly.

How is your teaching pool? Are there any investigators progressing well? Is there anything we can do on our side?

I am in the middle of Tithing Settlement now, which has been an inspiring experience. It gives a time to visit with and get to know many of the members of the ward I have not known well, which has been very enjoyable and often inspiring. We have wonderful people in the ward, as you know.

Your mother is working very hard on her Seminary calling and, she says, feeling quite a bit better about it, which is good for all of us.

I loved the Ford Woody you found! Surf boards and everything. What a hoot. The Barrett and Jackson car show will be in Scotsdale in January; you might want to see if your president will let you go on a P-Day. It's well worth seeing.

I have invited the ward to read Luke in December to build up to Christmas. Luke has 24 chapters, so we are going to read one chapter per night, on Christmas eve reread chapter 2, and then read chapter 24 about the resurrection on Christmas day some time. I'm quite excited about it - I hope it helps us all focus more on the Savior and less on the gifts.

Well, have a wonderful week. We love you and pray for you many times each day,



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