Tuesday, December 2, 2008

From: Alec 11/24/08

Sorry if the subject line makes you feel guilty for not writing me - it's just as missionaries it's our job to have our investigators "feel the weight of their sins" so i think we do that to members sometimes too. i know you guys are busy so i don't expect you to write me every week.

anyways: i am doing well - it is pretty nice outside usually, and i am trying hard to not be lazy and focus on my investigators and on how i can help them the most. that mostly by focusing on commitments. i also am trying to implement all of the advice i get from district meetings and all of the meetings. which is a job in itself! we have lots of meetings.

i don't have a lot of time but i would like to put some pictures on here so i'll keep it short.

it's amazing how important it is to be humble. pride is one of the basic and universal reasons people reject truth (or actually implementing truth). And i'd just like to share something that i learned as i decided to study about this, especially as it is very relevant to this week - thanksgiving week. i think i will try to make this holiday rival christmas in my home when i get older. Basically what i got from the Christlike attributes section in the PMG is that the way we are humble is how much we express (truly) gratitude. we thank God for everything - which makes sense, if you realize that all blessings come from heavenly father and that it is important to thank him, what is there to be prideful about? well i don't have time to keep talking about that but i commit everyone this week (who reads this email) to read that section in Preach My Gospel and the scriptures it gives in the blue box. then to try and apply it into your lives. will you do this (answer with a yes and then do it and be happier).

love you all

Elder Hoopes

p.s. wow lots of KBs from my pics - hope it goes through

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