Tuesday, May 19, 2009

From Alec: May 18, 2009

Hello from Mesa,

Yes it is getting warm here - I think it was 104 yesterday. It really isn't too bad riding a bike when you have water. It's just when you stop, especially if you're in the sun. I've never been sweaty EVERYWHERE as I was yesterday. Sounds like we had a bishop Frankenstein sitting on the stand last Sunday. I think I'd wait a week before going in for tithing settlement if that was the case....That is good Dee moved to be with the fam. She is a character, I send love back. Oh and that is awesome about Justin Z, merry ol' England - he'll love it.

Well this last week was a very good one. We had some interesting experiences. O. passed his baptismal interview (no surprise). He is great - although he did sleep in at his dad's place on Sunday and missed the 9:00 sacrament meeting. He ended up going to his fellowshippers in another stake's meeting, and we think he'll still be good for his baptism. We taught L. the word of wisdom and committed her to stop smoking. She accepted and we set the dates with her and gave her some advice/materials and so we'll keep praying for her. Her interview is set for the 6th of June in which she will hopefully be able to say she is obeying the word of wisdom. Then the goal baptism is for the 13th of June. She is an awesome lady - she can do it. We'll be stopping by almost daily and doing everything we can for her. She'll need all the help available. We also had a great lesson with D. - we finally uncovered the reasons he hasn't been coming to church; it has to do with not feeling worthy and also family pressure. But he is such the man and we will do what we can for him as well!

We had Tuesday as our Prep day this week so that we could go to the temple this morning. That was very nice (I didn't get to go last transfer).

A cool story from yesterday - we were on our way to drop off a DVD for this contact and we decided that we maybe shouldn't go at the moment, and so we visited another contact and then went to street contact this other guy on the way out. Because of that we got close to Country Club road, and we heard this car honking and the guy waving at us. Turns out he ran out of gas and needed our help to push it around to the gas station he just passed, (He was in a hurry for a meeting). It was one of those heavy 80's Buicks or something, but we got it back. It turns out that J. (the driver) has a Book of Mormon in his car and he reads it when he is confused or is having a bad day, because as he said, he gets answers for his life everytime he opens up to any page. The only reason he hasn't gone to church or taken the lessons is because his wife "believes in Nature" or something like that. But he gave us his card and we will definitely call him up - he is such an awesome guy and was very grateful we were able to help him in his time of need.

The Lord is never shy to use his servants if they but listen to his gentle promptings and therefore open themselves to his will.

I have also been reading and studying the general conference Ensign - man that is a spiritual feast and three-quarters (as Dad used to say). Some things I didn't even notice in the talks come alive as I read their words. If you have the means...I highly recommend it...

Love you all, and remember that all we need is to believe, and all things are possible.

Elder Hoopes

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