Thursday, May 7, 2009

From Mom: May 4, 2009

Dear Elder Hoopes,

We got a sweet note from President and Sister Palmer, with pictures, as well as another one from President and Sister Wright, saying how wonderful you are. From the pictures you seemed to look a little sick, like you were smiling through a headache. Are you feeling better this week? If you are not, you may need antibiotics. Are your allergies bothering you? I know that spring allergens in a blooming desert can be pretty severe. We are looking forward to talking to you this coming Mother's Day. 6:00 pm your time would be great. That is 7:00 pm our time because we are 1 hour ahead. (We spring forward for daylight savings time, Arizona doesn't.) We are flexible according to what works out for you and your companion.

Oh my, I just looked at Mesa weather and it will be above 100 degrees all week!!! Drink lots of water!

Rachel is doing better this week. She finally went back to school on Wednesday after missing a week and a half. She's still coughing up a lot but I guess that is part of pneumonia. She took the SAT on Saturday and this Friday she has her AP History test. Wow, just 4 weeks left of school, and only 11 days of Seminary for the 5 seniors in my class! Looking back on it, the year flew by. However, from the perspective of crawling out of a warm bed on a cold winter morning at 5:00 am, it seemed like it would never end.I learned not to count all the days ahead, just to focus on each day, and not to borrow worry from tomorrow. I guess that is a good life lesson, as well as a good mission lesson, eh? In a mile race you don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the laps you have left, but instead focus on doing your very best on the lap you're on. And lo and behold, the end of the race will be upon us and we can say with Paul, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith."

Eagle 5th ward is doing great. A lot of people are struggling financially and health wise, but they are turning to the Lord and each other, so that is a great thing. We had a ward fast again for the members who are suffering. What a blessing we have to know what we know, and to have the Holy Ghost to comfort us when we don't know, and have people around who love us. Have a great week, and talk to you soon!


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