Monday, July 27, 2009

From Alec: July 16, 2009

Ola Ninos!

I hope all is well for all of you. Down here in Mesa, the missionaries are doing great - and sweaty. It's not too bad, the most not-cool thing is when the heat from the pavement radiates upwards and beats on your face. If I didn't have sunglasses my eyes would just hurt after riding around.

Well, some disappointment this week. T. didn't show up to our lesson (we waited at the member's house) and we were not able to contact him (house or phone) for the life of us. He did come to 25th ward with us because his friend, (our awesome recent convert) invited him to come to his ward. But we had to rush off to our other ward in a different building so we weren't able to talk with him for very long. We still can't contact him, it's really annoying. He'll get baptized eventually I am pretty sure, but I will be very...put...out if I can't come because I am transferred. Which reminds me - transfers are next Tuesday so I'll find out on Saturday where I am going. I mean..."if" I am going. I am relatively sure I will, but we'll see. D. still didn't come to church, neither did two new investigators who committed to do so. Still haven't been able to meet with the A. family - they'd better get baptized while I'm here.

So the zoo was awesome - I'm sending a picture cd home because I got so many pictures from the trip. Not too many missionary pictures on it, but still pretty cool stuff.

Yesterday was pretty sweet - we had some good lessons, very neat to see the Lord prepare people. It is also very frustrating to see people not even plant and nourish the seed (word). There are many we are trying to work with who just won't come to church. I understand being apprehensive about doing something new, you really can't tell if it will be beneficial or not. That's why we're here, to tell them from our sincere experience that it is the most worthwhile thing they could do. But still they won't even try it for a little while, that is all we ask - plant the seed and see it start to grow from diligence in: prayer, scripture study, and church attendance. Then they can know for themselves! I mean, if it is even half of what we say it is then it is totally worth it to at least try. But maybe I'll have that talk with a few of our investigators, of course with love ;)It is all about fear and doubt, which is the opposite to faith. They fear that they will be uncomfortable, they have doubts as to if it is true, but what they really need is faith in the Word, and the feelings that they can have if they listen with an open heart. Then comes meekness, and lowliness of heart that brings repentance and pure joy to the soul (Alma 36:20). And when you see that as a missionary, it makes all of the effort worth it. All WE can do is invite, support/help, and love.

Love you all - do some type of service for someone this week! It's even better (fun) if you try and do it without them knowing.

TTFN - Elder Hoopes

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