Monday, July 27, 2009

From Alec: June 22, 2009

Hello everyone,
greetings from AZ -

Sister Harris said that this summer has been the coolest summer in Arizona since 1913 (or maybe 1930, either way) and we truly are blessed. Still drinking water and using sunscreen, however.

President Bassett is an amazing Mission president - I'm glad Grandpa got to talk with him. He is definitely and inspired man.

Dad's mission reunion sounded like a very good experience, I always imagined mission reunions to be exciting and spiritual. I think I will have to sit down with Dad (and you too Mom) and have you go through your mission journals (Mom just journals) and tell me all of the stories and things that happened. That would be sweet.

Well, this week was alright. Our numbers were a little low, but I think everyone's was for some reason. We did have zone conference though, I always LOVE zone conference. Hearing from President and Sister Bassett is always so awesome, and the things we learn are always exactly what we need (in combination with what we feel and learn spiritually while we're there).

Sunday was soo great - though we only had two investigators who even came. There was a point in one of the sacrament meetings that I cried within myself "This is so AWESOME!!! So-and-so really needs this!!" Church is so energizing and amazing, and everyone we meet NEEDS so desperately (though they obviously don't know it - as they don't come) what is at church for three hours. Whew, it reminds me of what Ryan Burningham told me at the end of the sacrament meeting of my farewell talk - it was along these lines "Everyone you will meet will try and say 'no', but they NEED what you have to share. They don't know how much they need it; you are the only one who does." It struck me that he would say that to me - I wrote the more exact quote down in my journal next to where I wrote down what I remembered of the blessing when I got set apart.

Well I don't have way too much time left, but I'll finish with saying - it is easy to doubt sometimes when Satan really strives his hardest, but it is as easy to give heed to the words of Christ as it was for Lehi and Nephi to hearken to the Liahona (Alma 37) Love you all - have an amazing week,

Elder Hoopes

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