Monday, November 10, 2008

From: Alec, 11/10/08

People really are funny - and I'm being nice and euphemistic when I say that this time. It is a very prevalent thing in this world that people only want temporal salvation. I understand that to some people that that is all that they know about so that is slightly excusable - just like the Lamanites' blindness. But when people have heard the real story, and by that I mean the plan of salvation and the gospel, for example those who followed Jesus around because he fed them, that is just so wrong. But then again most of those people are just like the pharisees who see but do not see - the truth is there and they see it but they do not comprehend it. Also it's much like the brass serpent - just look and you'll be healed but that would just be too easy for some of us.

It is pretty scary that God respects people's agency so much. But agency is truly sacred. Without agency the plan would have been impossible; the whole idea of the plan of salvation revolves around our agency. I do respect other people's agency, even if I know they'll make bad choices because I know that through the merciful atonement of Christ and that everything can and will be made right.

I don't know if I respect Rachel's choice to bring out the Christmas music already - it's just criminal to do that before Thanksgiving. It's disrespecting the holiday! "That make Squanto not heap glad." (or whatever famous Native American that was).

Well, this week with Elder Pongi was great - we did well and worked hard, which is a relief considering I took over the area of all these people. We had a great lesson last night; because of the faith of all present the Spirit was in the room so strong, especially with a beautiful testimony of a 18 year old friend of the investigator. Members are so key to every conversion. We as missionaries can run around like chickens and teach lots of people, but what really makes the difference is regular members present at the lessons also testifying and inviting the investigator to church.

Hopefully I'll have time to send a couple pictures on another email, but know I love all of you. By the way - I think it would be a great idea for the family to have a copy of Preach My Gospel. Not having that is like trying to build a building without knowing what tools and material you have/need, or what the building is supposed to do or look like. We are of the tribe of Ephraim and are therefore expected to bring the gospel "unto all nations". I feel we're not accomplishing our purpose here on earth if we do not do our best to be member missionaries, and the only real way is to have the PMG. More than one would be good as well - just like he says in the Reebok commercial : "What is better than having one linebacker in your office? And the answer to that is having two linebackers in your office."

Elder Hoopes

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