Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From Alec Week of 11/17/08

it's the fam!

sounds like everyone is doing well - except mom with the sickness.

as a reply to the package thing - i would love some vitamins as a matter of fact - i have been out for a little bit. care package requests... i can't think of anything specific - if you're sending a package big enough i guess you could fit in my white nikes that i used to use for basketball - but only if it just fits - i was thinking of just getting something cheap here. (if you do that you could put in a headband too!). but those are just things that would be nice. When the Christmas package comes around though i love those chocolate oranges (all of the flavors).

We are doing awesome though. last week we had the biggest lunch. we got this turkey from albertsons for like $7 so we had a huge turkey and mashed potatoes lunch one day. it felt like thanksgiving.

last week was not very good for us number's wise. it made me a little frustrated because it is hard to take over an area after only 6 weeks in. i'm still learning how to be a missionary! it's hard but we are working hard. The spirit is so important for us - all of us. i think it's a verse in 1 nephi 10 that says that the gentiles will not see jesus christ, rather they shall have the holy ghost as their witness. he is the reason we know and the reason we do everything that has to do with the church. i've gotten lots of comfort knowing that i am not the one (as an imperfect being) truly responsible for the teaching of these souls in my area. heavenly father sent me to carry it, but mainly he sent the spirit to teach and let everyone know - that is very comforting to know that if i mess up in lessons because i am human, that it really isn't me that teaches, but the spirit. my mission plaque scripture bears witness of this idea - john 15:26 &27. i've come to realize here how awesome that scripture is.

so the lesson for everyone not immersed in missionary work every minute: it should be the same for me as for you, the spirit is your witness to you, and it is our job to be clean/pure vessels of the spirit so we can know what we need to do to follow Christ's example and also help others feel the spirit and invite them to Christ. it's the reason we're here really. it's funny to think about actually! we're here on earth separated from God so that we can return to live with him again... it's true but that almost paradox makes me laugh. it's like heavenly father dropped us off at the beginning of the maze so we can get back to the end where he lives. anyways i'm beating the dead horse.

hey mom: just a word about seminary. i loved it so much, and even though i couldn't tell you for sure if the teachers loved teaching the class (because that would be stressful), but i could tell you that they loved the class. they loved what was taught and they loved us and wanted us to love it too. i can really say i felt that and that makes a huge difference. the sensitive/participating kids will feel your love for them first, and then think about it more and realize that you love the gospel - then hopefully they'll realize how much happiness they can get from it so they will love it too. wow i feel preachy but i that's kindof a thank-you to my seminary/ sundayschool/missionprep teachers. hey, if brother mitchell is still in seminary tell Rachel to give him some of my emails or letters or pictures or something. and tell him he rocks.

i had the chance to go to the temple today, that was awesome. and yes we'll be helping with the lights there i think even. talk to you next week!

Elder Hoopes
well i love you all and the lord -

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