Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From Alec: Happy December

Hello fam!

glad to hear from you - i am doing well. though transfers are this tuesday and i am getting transferred to the pueblo zone. i think west of where i am now, but still in mesa. i'll be with elder Case, and i'll be greenie-breaking him. (that means the companion after the trainer). i'm excited and bummed at the same time. i was looking forward to being able to skype with you guys - there was this family who had skype all set up and offered to let me use it. but i'm moving so...

thats awesome there was an investigator, mom. i didn't see enough of the missionaries at home.

yes i got the thanksgiving package - i also got the christmas dear elder one just a couple days ago. did i mention i'm running out of contacts? i'll probably need some new ones after christmas in january.

christmas music does have a great spirit to it.i love it. and that is hilarious that dad got that tree like that. must have been so nice.

mom: something that i noticed that you had said. i know that you're my mom and i don't have any authority or stewardship over you, but just something i've been struggling with. i had those same feelings about worrying about what needs to be said not being said. and those feelings are motivated by a concern and love of the people. but the thing is, that faith needs to come in that the teacher is called of God to teach that day, and that what we want to say or do might not be the best thing even if it is good. well don't think i'm preaching to you because you're the most saintly person i know. love you guys!

Elder Hoopes

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