Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From Alec: Happy New Year to Mom

Hello family and friends,

So this week was pretty interesting but awesome at the same time, sounds like yours was too, mom. i'm glad my ol' violin is getting used, even if it is only for object lessons!

This week we had our Zone Development Meeting (ZDM) and it was awesome as always- that's when we have interviews with the President Bassett and i love talking with him. the meeting was great anyways, it got me pumped again, as they always do. The interview with the Pres was partly about my relationship with my comp because he has been getting migraines, and putting us out of commission, and so president had some advice as he was worried about him. there was some very interesting things he said to me too about my mission - felt like i was having a patriarchial blessing for my mish! just no tribe of israel mention. he is an inspired man -

speaking of those, we're going to be listening to Elder Bednar this saturday, he's having a huge meeting with like stake presidents or something and we're going to be able to come in the back too. and then the next week Elder Perry is coming but to the MISSION, that will be intense! he's the one over missionary work too so i'm nervious/excited for it.

a cool thing too - this saturday after we listen to elder Bednar we're going to be having a baptism, i've only taught the guy like once or twice but he is awesome. his name is Dustin and he is so solid. The missionaries told him that they couldn't keep teaching him if he didn't get married to his girlfriend, and so he said, "oh seriously?" then turning to his GF he said, "so when you want to get married? January 10th? ok!" so that got sorted out pretty easily!

we also had a lesson with this guy in our singles ward. he is so awesome. his girlfriend is a member and so he's been taking the lessons. we were with him and we'd already challenged him to be baptized but he said he'd definitely pray about it. but he is a stud and he prayed to close out this lesson. that was soooo powerful. it took like 3 minutes to say like 15 words. half of the room was in tears during it (the women and a couple guys) and he thanked heavenly father for giving him an answer and taking away his fears. he'll be talking to his mom today and hopefully we'll be able to set a date with him! I was especially happy for this occurrence because it helped my companion alot.

i've been really feeling alot of responsibility as the senior companion. it really is my job to make sure we are working hard and learning and improving the area, and i'm sad to say that i haven't been doing as well as I should have. i'd say the main reason was because of last transfer i became a little complacent - and that made the transition really hard for me, but it's changing, i can see it day-by-day.

today i read in Helaman 3 and i re-found (not a word... rediscovered is probably better but i like refound!) verse 29 (i think) and then 30 finishes off the thought. it is amazing how if we do hold on to that iron rod, it can "lead us across the gulf of misery and endless woe" safely to the other side to eternal life. i love that imagery. and it is the path before us. i love you all and i look forward to emailing you next week about all of the improvement we've made!

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