Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From mom: Happy New Year!

Dear Alec,

I didn't get in on the letter last evening, 'cause I was prepping for seminary, of course. We woke up this morning with a couple of inches of new snow, and we've had 2 more inches in the last few hours. Last week had been warmer, in the 40's so all our snow had melted from Christmas time, so we weren't ready for it today again. But it is beautiful!

Karene flew out this morning. It was so fun to have her for 2 weeks. We miss her so much. We miss all of you; we've found that after your missions, you kids are only home for short visits. Ben, Laurie and Elliott are still here for another week, until the 13th, the day after Ben's birthday, so I am especially lucky. Rachel and Dad only get to spend time with them after school and work, but I get all day with them. Elliott is so cute!! He is saying all sorts of French and English words, and he's very curious and busy.

Both Jim and Deb Bowden came up to us in church yesterday and raved about you, how awesome you looked, how excited you are about missionary work, and how you have the missionary glow. Bro Bowden said he gave you lots of hugs for us. Dad is actually going to be
in Scottsdale this weekend for speaker training, but he will make sure not to see you then.

Today in Seminary we studied in John 8 about how the truth makes us free and how sin places us in bondage. We discussed the consequences of our good and bad actions, and the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental consequences of sin. We talked of how truth and goodness is liberating. My object lesson was playing "O Holy Night " for them on your violin. You can imagine how it sounded. I told them that practicing the violin was too much of an infringement on my free time. Then I played a CD of Jenny Oakes Baker playing the same song and pointed out that she was much more free to play beautiful music than I was because she had practiced. I challenged them to become "Spiritual virtuosos" so that we could become free and able to be instruments in the hands of God.

Well, have a wonderful week! We love you and pray for you and those you teach.



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