Monday, February 9, 2009

From Alec: Happy Groundhog's Day

Hey Fam!

Thanks for the email! I almost didn't get it though - this email system only updates if I hit refresh so you could email 5 min after I log on and I'd never know you emailed me. So I'm trying to hit refresh every once and a while now.

The Ellsworth's (Bro Bowden's sis's fam) are inspirational. She, of course, is awesome and so is Brother Ellsworth. They are just great people. I had a chance, as Bro Bowden probably mentioned, to go to Ethan's funeral. I was glad we could make it.

So I've got a new comp - he was in the MTC with Elder Case so i'm still a senior companion. He's a redhead from small-town florida. He doesn't talk much but he's a great elder. I'm excited to be with him, though this first week felt like a year. (first weeks of transfers are always like that).

We taught this lady this week - she is awesome, she said she wanted to be baptized in the first lesson. Her boyfriend is a less-active member and he's coming back too, so just happy all around!

I know what you mean about Dad and his being lifted by the Spirit. I love the phrase about the Spirit which "quickeneth all things" . That is so true, if there is ever a hard time in life, the presence of the Spirit can wipe away all fears, doubts, concerns, and exhaustion. The times when you're trying hardest to serve the Lord are the times when you find yourself being lifted up in almost a truely physical sense. I've found that on my mission, it can be very tiring going and going and spiritually striving constantly, but one good prayer or lesson or prompting can erase any tiredness or frustration.

I feel so much that that is one of the biggest noticeable differences between those who follow the Lord and are worthy of his Spirit. They're just "brighter", "happier", there's a light in their eyes. The guy who got baptized who lives just below us was living with his girlfriend for a while - she was a less-active. We were talking with our WML (ward mission leader) about her and we both agreed she now seems happier and more outgoing. The best way I can describe it is that her face just seems "brighter". Seriously. I know without a doubt that the church is true and that the Lord with his loving understanding uses the Spirit to help us and quicken our lives and relationships, including our relationship with Him. Have a great week!

Elder Hoopes

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