Thursday, February 19, 2009

From Mom: Happy President's Day

Dear Alec,

Hope you get this. Did you get your Valentine care package yet? I am also mailing your other stuff tomorrow when the post office reopens.

It's already been a busy morning and I just got back from weight training and realized that I hadn't emailed you. I was supposed to watch Jen and Merl's kids this weekend but Sara came down with the stomach flu so its postponed for two weeks. So this weekend we spent moving Rachel's room. And moving furniture upstairs. We are all doing great. Guess what, Dad is training in Scottsdale this weekend so I am going with and we will be visiting with Grandpa and Ruth Ann from Thursday until Saturday evening. We will make sure not to run into you, but it will be nice to see the area where you are teaching.

I got a call yesterday from Chad Carr. He is loving BYU Idaho and looking forward to putting his mission papers in this summer. He said again how much he loved staying with us those few weeks and that it marked an important time in his life when he was making big decisions. He felt it was a great influence staying with us, and you and Harry were great friends to him.

I was teaching in Acts about the conversion of Cornelius, and how Peter as the prophet was given the revelation that the church was to go to the gentiles. The Seminary curriculum directs us to make the connection to the 1978 revelation that the priesthood and temple blessings are available also to the blacks. It has been so exciting to teach this and I have some wonderful info that you might be interested in reading. If you are, just let me know.

Well, I'll send this off so you can get it this morning,


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