Monday, February 9, 2009

From Mom: Happy Groundhog's Day

Dear Elder Hoopes,

We got your letter this week, and loved to hear from you. Dad and I are planning on serving several missions and have been trying to set aside retirement and pay off our home and office completely. We are making progress, however a top priority also is getting you kids through college so that has been slowing us down considerably, but I think all in all we are doing great because of the Lord's help.

Brother Bowden said that you looked wonderful, and very missionaryish, and spoke with great love and admiration about his sister and her family and the inspiration that they are.

We are doing so well. Caitlyn had the hearing last week with the judge who approved the transfer down to her family in Utah. The wheels of government bureaucracy grind slowly, slowly on, and she will move in a week, or a
month, there. She seems to be excited to go, sad to leave her friends here, opposed to starting a new school, and frustrated, as we are, that she has so little control over her life right now.

Dad was in Denver for several days last week, and today he leaves for a couple of days in Montana. His clinic hours are packed as he is doing so much travelling. He is pretty busy as Bishop but he says that he finds his time counseling with people and their problems actually uplifting because the Spirit takes over and teaches for him. That is a great blessing. He observes that he couldn't imagine being a Bishop with a young family because he would never see his children. This call has come to him at the right stage of his life.

Seminary is going well. I know that I am feeling the Spirit and learning so much. I hope that some of the kids are feeling that as well. You are awesome, and we love you soooooo much!



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