Monday, February 23, 2009

From Mom: February 23, 2009

Dear Elder Hoopes,

Arizona winters are wonderful! The palm trees and cacti are bizarre and beautiful. We went to the botanical gardens where the ancient native canals are located and it was cool to see all the varieties of cactus and trees. I loved all the citrus trees everywhere, and the Spanish and adobe style of homes. Grandpa is like a bear in his natural habitat, and is surrounded by old friends and family where he is appreciated, admired and loved. He and Ruth Ann are comfortable and contented together. We stopped to see Grandpa's sister, Marilyn, and she mentioned that she had recognized you out of a bunch of missionaries at the Mesa Temple. She has a good memory, because she hasn't seen you since the family reunion 6 years ago in Alpine, AZ. We ate at the Landmark Restaurant that was an old converted LDS church, and at Tia Rosa's, which I believe is close to your area.

Did you get the package we sent? I'm concerned about Rachel's cookies because we packed them warm so you probably had crumbs instead of cookies at your end. We are all doing well, except I came down with a head cold which I am determined will be gone in a few days; I'll use the neti pot and take a steady stream of vitamin C. I have to go to weight train now, so I'll write a little more later,



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