Thursday, October 1, 2009

From Alec: August 4, 2009

Hello everyone!

Well mom, I am glad you got to do some service for Danna and J. When you really serve someone when they just really need the help it feels very rewarding. Not that that should be the reason you serve, but it is a natural byproduct.

Well, it is still hot in Arizona. And it isn't very cool when your Camelbak starts leaking, so I have to use this cheap other one that doesn't let you get enough water when you try to drink it until I can contact the warranty department for my other resevoir. At least I still have one though.

Well, L. had a hard time again - her baptism was cancelled last minute and she will be trying to move out of the bad apartments she is living in. But she is still very willing to meet with us (she actually just called us a few minutes ago) and keep coming to church. She is a strong lady to keep pushing through despite bipolar disorder, seizures, and Satan (and his angels) working against her. She still has alot to learn and apply but she's trying, which is all that is important. I guess that before sentence applies to everyone on the earth - so we just need to be patient/diligent and loving.

We had a huge 3 lesson meeting (in one block) with J. and R.. I think it might be one of the only lessons ever to begin with watching the movie Johnny Lingo. Oh man that was hilarious, Johnny was cracking up with the quotes like ("Mohanna you ugly!" and "Mohanna's face will crack the glass!"), though R. wasn't. It wasn't our idea - Wayne Taylor our WML there, who is their fellowshipper, threw it in. Elder Morgan and I have been quoting it every day since then. That day we set a baptismal date with them too - they are so awesome and responding to the Spirit. The date is all the way into September - hopefully even if I get transferred (transfers are next week) I'll be able to come. President should let me because they want me to give a talk in their baptismal service.

Kind of a sad/scary thing - we haven't heard anything from A. since her passed baptismal interview. This same thing did happen early on in teaching her though - so I won't be surprised to see her call us one day asking if we've forgotten her... We've either called or stopped by like every day so far.

Anyways, we also had a handful of people that might be potentially awesome investigators - two of them we met when they were at church on Sunday. That is always a good sign!

This last week I have remembered the importance of being close to and worthy of the Spirit. I felt a little good feeling about going back into this apartment complex square to talk to this guy and we said hi and he asked us a question. It ended up being a very good thing for this guy who didn't know very much about our faith (he is from TN) including the people he was visiting who aren't LDS, but seemed on our side as they told him how much respect they had for us because they know we would help them move if they needed it. Just a cool thing - the Spirit, prayer, and covenants are the only things that connect us directly to our Father in Heaven at this stage of our eternities. Thus it is so so important to be close to the Spirit - because it is through the Holy Ghost that prayer and covenants come alive into real things that have the power to change eternities. I love you all - hold tight to those three things. (I guess scriptures/word of God are a link as well - I forgot that, but they're none the less important!) Love all of you,

Elder Hoopes

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