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From Alec: October 26, 2009

Hello everyone!

Things are going well here in Heber-Overgaard. We just had transfers yesterday and Elder Dursteler was sent down to be in the same district I used to be in, Maricopa North Stake. I got Elder Moore from Kaysville, UT and he has been out for 11 months now. He is (as far as I've been able to tell!) a good missionary and we should have some fun and success here in north AZ.

Last week we talked to lots of people, which was our zone leader's goal and desire. Though we didn't get to teach much, so last week was relatively uneventful, except for Thursday when we helped M. H. (our WML) out on his ranch doing shipping. That is when they sort, weigh, and ship their calves off. Man that was fun - I helped at the end after they were weighed to help keep the heifers and steers separated. D. S., our investigator who helps out at the Hancock Ranch (that's how he was introduced to the church) said that we can call me a real cowboy now (his qualification was that I had stepped in "that guacamole", if you know what I mean). But it was dern fun.

Then conference weekend, man I love conference! The only not-cool thing is that we were doing service all morning for a less-active family on Saturday so we virtually missed both sessions. We'll get them on CD and listen to them in the car as soon as we can. But we made the Sunday sessions and it just reaffirmed how truly awesome conference is. That is the time in which we can hear from our Prophet and his counselors and the twelve apostles! Now you might be saying "no duh, elder" but the fact that we have a living prophet on the earth is such a blessing, and it was so important that Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ personally came to start this new dispensation when they called the boy Joseph Smith to be the first prophet of the Restoration.

This Monday we helped paint a less-active's house all day pretty much, but then we went and taught the Hoopes family, yep - J. and H. Hoopes, this younger couple. It's pretty weird when I write them down in our plans because when I see "Hoopes" I think "hey, that's me!". J. is a less-active member who wants to get into the church, and his wife, H. was at church and had no problem with J's grandfather (Bro W.) blessing their new baby. So she is willing to listen and we'll see if she's willing so seek, ask, and knock! Afterward we went to hear the Elk 'bugle' with M. H. That was very neat - we just drove out into the wilderness area and stopped to listen. We saw some pretty close and some were no further than 100 feet when they were bugling. (be-u-gle is how you say it, I think I spelled it right...)

Then after transfers on Tuesday, we had a lesson at the Carroll's house (they're way cool) and taught K. and also taught a kid named R. K. really took hold of the things we were teaching and we're just hoping her husband can be interested and want to join (she said he is, but she's not sure if for the right reason). Hopefully R. can receive faith in Christ as we teach and he keeps commitments!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Hoopes

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