Friday, December 4, 2009

From Alec: October 14, 2009

Heber-Overgaard says hello

Hello to everyone,

I hear that Boise is getting lots of snow - I think a few people mentioned that to me, is that true? Snow in October is pretty rare, so maybe they heard somewhere in Idaho and assumed all of Idaho got it - after all, there's only like 200 people in Idaho, right? What I hear more often is, "You're from Idaho? Oh, I know someone who lives in Idaho Falls, You must know so and so." And I think, "That's cool, I live on the other side of the state." I guess that hasn't happened up here in Heber much - but city folk do it lots.

Anyways - things are going pretty well. Elder Moore and I are getting along fine. It is lots cooler up here but we both love it - we were just out last night and it was 63 outside and it felt so nice. Though there have been a couple times where it feels a little like home (because of the weather) and so I got the closest I have to feeling homesick, but it's so slight it didn't bother me.

We had a good week last week - got 3 new investigators, which is nice considering D. S. went back to Globe for the winter. I already talked about H. and J. Hoopes, I think, but then we taught (Tuesday night) a woman named K. and this kid named R. They were both there and the lesson went pretty well (it was the first lesson Elder Moore and I taught together). R. is 17 and so seemed to just want to learn - though he did accept the commitments. K. seemed to just eat up the lesson, and totally accepted everything enthusiastically. We just hope that her husband can have the same desire too - he used to not like 'church' at all but has expressed some interest. K. said that she was concerned whether or not his interest was for the right reasons, and they aren't living together for a little while at the moment - so I could see what she might possibly mean. If he was gung-ho, I think she would be baptized for sure.

Well, I would have more to tell you about last week probably but I lost my planner yesterday (despite our many efforts to find it) so I don't remember anything that is too interesting, except for General Conference!

It was great - the only not cool thing was that we were doing service on Saturday so we missed the two sessions. Luckily they record on VHS the sessions at the church so a couple times so far we just take our lunch to the church and watch the General Conference we missed. There were some amazing talks, and I can't wait to get the Ensign and CD's when they come out. I sincerely believe that if all the members of the church obeyed with exactness, and with the Spirit, the advice that we are given at General Conference, that the city of Zion like Enoch's would again be established.
Well, I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Hoopes

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