Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From Alec: June 1, 2009

Hello everyone,

Thanks for the package! I just got it. I knew that picture of me reading the newsletter would be one of the pics. Just gotta give 'em what they want!

Happy Birthday on Thursday, Dad - I don't know if I'll be able to send you a card but know I love you and have really appreciated your example to me as to what a man should be. If you look up Alma 48:11-13, a Man is defined. I feel like you are that, Dad - but also add "a man who tells repetitious jokes whenever at dinner, and a man with a giving/willing Heart."

That story about Hilde sounds pretty funny. I can just see her running for her life but just hoping she doesn't run into anything/ get caught. Probably got scared silly. (funny thing too - I think the same thing would have happened even if she wasn't blind, that scaredy cat)

Well things are going very well here - we are working hard, this last week we got the highest TTI's in the zone (street contacts) and we did work pretty hard to do it. We got 56 in one day (that is like ridiculous) but we could easily get 200 if we were consistent. We had some illness keep people from coming to church, so that was a bit of a letdown, but the Lord knows his children and will never give them anything they cannot handle/overcome. L. and M. both have their dates set (13th and 14th respectively). But I'm almost reluctant to baptize M., because he is struggling with doubt and is doubting his feelings - but decided to stick with it (a good choice, but I feel like he has not figured out how to combat doubt). I hope and pray that we can effectively help him realize how to search for answers to his questions. We were able to teach a few great lessons with newer investigators. We'll probably have to turn one over to the singles ward elders but whatever it takes to get them baptized! The other is a family of four, S. & D. that we had just a great lesson with. The Spirit was there when we testified about the blessings that would come that this little family desperately needs - and they know they need something, for the most part. We took T. (passive investigator) and A. (less-active) to the visitors center. It was great. Hopefully the Spirit instilled something inside them.

Oh - transfer news came this Saturday; we are both staying! YAAAAAY, finally I stay in an area more than 2 transfers and with a companion for more than 1 transfer! SOO GOOOOD!

Oh yeah, and at district meeting Elder Morgan's bike (borrowed) and my bike got stolen, but we chased them and got the bikes back eventually - oh and we street contacted the older kid later. Hopefully he looks up the site on the card! I love many of the people down here - but it's just too much of a city for me to try and live in, crime and society is just sickening sometimes (in general). Give me Eagle anytime - but I love the mission of course. Well, hope everyone has a great week,

Elder Hoopes

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