Friday, June 19, 2009

From Mom: June 15, 2009

Dear Elder Hoopes,

Hope you've had a great week. We have had a great one, especially because Elliott is here and he is keeping us all entertained. Unfortunately the Eagle Fun Days got pretty much rained out so when we went to see the car show and the rain was just pouring, all the cars left. We had ducked into a children's store to wait out the downpour, and there Elliott had claimed a toy that played "Home on the Range" and animal noises. Of course Grandma had to buy it for him. While we drove across town, he played it incessantly, so I was relieved that later when we got back into the car, he had forgotten all about it. But Dad, just to tease me, started singing
"Home on the Range". I started playfully hitting Dad on the arm to get him to stop, and his response was to increase his volume and he started adding animal noises. Elliott, observing this turned to Laurie and asked, "Grandpa, idiot?" Elliott is a lot of fun and he speaks a mixture of French and English. He looks like he is about 4 years old but he is only 2. And he is already potty trained!! I am sending you some pictures we have taken of him recently.

Rachel was in London for 3 days and now she is in Paris. The only way I know this is because I can look in her bank account and see where she has been spending money. She will probably never call or email to let us know how things are going, but I guess that no news is probably good news. She was pretty excited about going. Dad and I will be leaving for Utah on Friday for a mission reunion, so we will be staying with Jon and Nicole. We will be back for Sunday and Father's Day, though.

Love you lots. God bless you and your investigators,

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