Friday, June 19, 2009

From Alec: June 15, 2009

Hello everyone,

Sounds like everything is going well - it is nice to hear from home. That is so lucky that Dad lucked out at Helaman with the vegemite. for karma's sake he'll probably get something disgusting even for him next academy. ;)

Rachel in Europe? with a card with money on it? that sounds dangerous, who knows what she'll have when she comes back - who is she there with? is it a school thing? I know you probably told me a month ago but you know my memory...

Glad Elliott is still stealing all of the attention -down here I love spending time with young couples that have a kid about Elliott's age, I'm always reminded of him.

Well this week went very well, T. now has a baptismal date (for August 1 - now that I think about it I doubt that it is a Saturday...) He set it, he wants a recent convert - M. - to baptize him.

So this weekend was great - M's. baptism went amazingly well, especially because we were late getting to the font to turn it on, so that it was a little low and still running at 8:05 or so (supposed to start at 8). But he got all the way under (after an extra push! hehe) and the meeting was full of the Spirit. M. even bore his testimony at the end, it was great. (Sorry if my email is choppy - there are some pretty young kids who are a little loud on the computer next to me) We filled the Relief Society room to the brim (I was afraid we wouldn't be able to seat everyone).

I have had some cool experiences with Spanish too - I memorized a little thing from the Spanish elders that I'm not very good at, but I've gotten some really amazing responses from it. I think my pronunciation is pretty good, but of course I can't do anything else with the language really...

Our investigators are doing alright - L. is set for the 27th for her baptism. T. I mentioned. We were able to get A. to church this Sunday, which was awesome because R. totally picked up one of A's. kids and asked me "Should I take her to Relief Society?" I of course said yes. They'd better get baptized while I am here - they really are great people and I care alot about them. We also got this new guy named Tim - he is very interesting but very down to earth - both Elder Morgan and I like him. He didn't show up for church so I'm not sure what is/was up. We also just taught B. and N. - they were a street contact earlier. They really seemed to be listening and understanding - and they said that they really wanted to go to church (they feel like they need to improve their relationship and themselves as parents) but they weren't there... very disappointing, but overall it was a great Sunday.

Something very important as members of the church is to always have faith in the converting power of the gospel - and by that I don't only mean for people who have never heard of the church. I mean for all of us as we try and live the gospel. Once we have a testimony about the church and in the Savior and change our outlook on life we should continue to let the Lord change us, as we are all far from perfect. If we were we wouldn't be on the earth anymore. I see all too much a belief in the world that things change all the time but that people will never change. And that bugs me, because everyone on this earth can become like the Savior if they choose (with his help of course). And that is the wonderful thing about it - so don't get too comfortable because the Lord chastens who he loves - and of course that is because he loves us. It's a good thing too! Love you all,

Elder Hoopes

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