Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From Dad: May 25, 2009


I love your picture in the new missionary newsletter - we will try to be more reliable writers so that you don't have to look into empty mailboxes.

I notice on that you guys there are running in the 90's and clear - sounds great, but hotter is to come. You don't think you can get away with a dress cowboy hat?

We, as always, are blessed here. We had to release brother Rasmussen as the young men's president because he was called to be the area communications specialist, which means that he will work with the media on behalf of the Church and while doing so work directly with the area seventies. Brother MacDonald has been called to be the new YM President; he will also do a great job. Because of the economy we are staying close for the High Adventure, hiking and camping in the mountains by Stanley. The YW will be near there as well, so I will spend the week running back and forth between them. I'm very much looking forward to it.

I'm trying to talk mom into doing some hiking and camping this summer to get Rachel out a bit. You know mom. She always has things that needs doing so I'm not expecting we'll be able to get out often.

We have had Jon and Nicole here for the weekend which has been a treat, and Ben flies in this afternoon (after Jon and Nicole have to leave). Ben will be here for at least one month doing a clerkship for Jon Zarian's firm. We are all excited about the experience, but also about the possibility that this may lead to something long term for them which would bring them closer to us.

Well, the Gospel is true, families are forever, and we are very proud and excited for you and the wonderful experience you are having on your mission,


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