Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From Alec: June 8, 2009

Hello everyone,

The work rolls forth, therefore there is still work for each and every one of us to do. It has been relatively pleasant weather-wise here, and I bought some sunscreen because I don't want to end up like our Frankenstein Bishop. Love you dad! Hope you had a happy birthday at Helaman Academy. That place is the best! One of my three wishes from the genie would definitely to be able to go through the academies again. That is for sure - and Bishop Stewart was a great influence on how (especially the spiritual part) awesome they were.

M. is all set for his baptism on the 14th of June - the only day he could get off work/school. He is a great kid, he came to us with some concerns and doubting but he knew where to go for comfort and answers and he did. He is awesome. L. is doing alright, trying to quit smoking still. She has quite a bit to learn, but some things in her life softened her heart and I feel she is converted to the gospel. T. came to all of the 3 hours and I feel like it was a great Sunday for him. Hopefully going to M's. baptism will help him realize that it is the best decision for him. We watched the Joseph Smith movie at the Visitor's Center and his words were "I was speechless". He absolutely loved it, hopefully he has the courage to act on his promptings!!!

We had lots of promises from many that they'd be at church, and then lots of no-shows really is discouraging. Though the one couple had one of their grandkid's parties so they couldn't come, and one lady didn't have a ride and her phone is turned off so she couldn't contact us, but if we bring with us the Spirit - He (is it a he? it?) will teach them and convert them to keeping the commandments.

We had a great street contact experience. We were very down to earth with some people and answered their questions without being critical or judging and two whole families (in the apt complex) invited us back after we gave them copies of the BOM. We'll be going back this week to check on them.

Well, I love you all - hope you are working hard, but at the same time - always remember that with the Lord, we can do all things.

Elder Hoopes

p.s. I'm sending a picture CD, it's been a while - sorry!

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